Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of accounts do you handle?

PM Investments handles any and all kinds of accounts including corporate, individual, trust, gift to minor, regular and Roth IRA's, SEP's, Keogh's, Self-directed 401(k)'s, etc.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment for retirement accounts is $100,000. All other accounts have minimum of $100,000.

What if I have an existing IRA account at another firm, but want to utilize PM Investments strategies?

It is very common to have several IRA accounts held at various firms. It is also possible to transfer all or a portion of your IRA assets from one IRA account to another.

Do you handle out-of-town clients?

We are currently licensed to immediately service clients in thirty-one states. We have the ability to add states as necessary. Ninety percent of our clients are located outside our immediate area.

Mutual Funds are the most widely used investment today. Why don't you use them?

We do not use mutual funds because PM Investments places a strong emphasis on limiting market risk. Equity mutual funds provide no downside protection in the event of a market decline. In addition, an average of 84% of large cap equity mutual funds historically have under-performed the major market indexes according to Vanguard Funds.

How is PM Investments compensated for its services?

PM Investment's strategy generally utilizes investments that are held for the long-term. Therefore, we have reasonable transaction specific charges, which vary depending upon the particular investment. We feel that the popular approach of charging annual management fees based upon the total value of the account is inappropriate. It would not be in the best interest of our clients to pay on-going annual fees as they can have a significant negative impact on investment returns over the long run. Feel free to complete the Confidential Investment Questionnaire to find out how PM Investment can help you meet your financial goals.